About Exosome

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles secreted by essentially all cells in the body.
Exosomes are nano-scale (50-200nm) vesicles that can be easily crossing cell membranes, and mediate intercellular communication.
Exosomes have a high potential to become the next generation of therapeutic tools.

  • Targeted Delivery

    Exosome tropism can be
    designed by their origin
    or by surface engineering.

  • Immune Silent

    Exosomes are naturally occurring.
    thereby granting them inherently

  • Multi-Functional

    Exosomes can be loaded with
    biologically active molecules
    and can alter the function of
    target cells.


Exosomes are valuable therapeutic modality because of their multiple advantages.

MEDIFIC’s Exosome Technology

MEDIFIC has developed a technology with highly stable and effective proteins of interest expressed on the surface of exosome.
Our exosome platform technology is applicable to a variety of therapeutic factors.